Where has the time gone?

Yes, time has been coming at me at supersonic speed. I’ve been away for a while, doing this and that, but i’m wanting to give this blog thing another go. My last post was in 2013 so I guess its been 5ish years since I’ve done a post. Just wanted to say hello and to say more posts and stories are coming.

Rare Sunday off junk hunting day.

Well, the “MAN” was kind enough to give me a weekend day off so my wife and I went treasure hunting this past Sunday. I found one kinda rough AGM 2572 but the seller wanted more than I was willing to pay. I got a bunch of cool pictures along the way I wanted to share. I started feeling under the weather Sunday night so im just now finishing this post.Here are some pics for you to enjoy!

AGM 2572 #2

Above: AGM 2572

Blow Torch 2

Above: I cant remember the name of the old torch.

Soap box derby

Above: Cool soap box derby car, not old but cool.

Tonka 1

Above: old Tonka truck


This is my first post of 2013 and I hope to have plenty more. I hope all of you out there had a safe and exciting new years eve celebration. 2012 was definitely a year to remember. From installing hardwood FLOORS to fostering a puppy, registering for school to buying a car. 2013 should be filled with great finds and more great memories. I hope you and your family have a great year.


Above: Samson, a Newfie puppy.

photo 3

Above: Tailgating at Six Flags with a vintage Coleman cooler.

Rippin up carpet

Above: My wife and I masked up for pulling out or ugly green carpet.

No more green!

Above: No more carpet!

Dixie dawg

Above: Our lazy,spoiled dachshund Dixie.

coming along

Above: Got the first few rows down in my wife’s office.

Ashlea and I

Above: My beautiful wife and myself.

A few of my December finds..

This is a 1958 Coleman military lantern I found while checking out some flea markets last weekend.


Above: before


Above: after just a quick wipe down.

Also a 228F 10/69

photo 3

Not bad for a weekend in December when the flea market crowds are less than usual. Remember my last post about life getting crazy? Well, add a puppy on the list. But more on that later as I am still trying to get a good picture of him.

Life still hasn’t slowed down…

Ever since we installed hardwood floors in our home, our lives have kept this crazy pace and I cant imagine it slowing down especially with the holidays approaching. I also registered for college and will start in the spring of 2013. My laptop quit on me a few months ago so now I’m having to use my desktop that is in the basement that was considered new in the Bush era, (the first Bush) and is almost impossible to use. On top of all the madness, my wife and I decided to rent a booth in one of our local antique malls. Having a booth is like having another full time job just trying to keep it filled with treasures and decorating it to keep it pleasing to the eye. Hopefully, as your reading this I’m preparing another post. I’m going to try and be more consistent with my posts even if i don’t have any new finds to go along with it. Stay close, I’ll keep you posted.

This Person Stops At All Railroad Lanterns.

A few days ago I found this old railroad lantern at an estate sale. The price was right and I always wanted one like this so I made it mine.

The pics below are some that I took when I did a light up for 9/11. This is one of my favorite lanterns to light and have around. I will definitly be looking for more of these to add to my collection.

Knight Light Lantern with Otto Bernz Pump.

I found this lantern and I was immediately drawn to it. The pump is what threw me off because it looked like something off of an old torch. Here is some info i found on the matter.

A final complication is that Knight Light and Soda Fountain also made lamps for Otto Bernz, and though these are only found on rare occasions, they provide evidence for other associations. Dr Jay reports: “The Bernz lantern is a Knight-Light made by the Knight Light and Soda Fountain Co. in Chicago. I would guess sometime in the 20s. Otto Bernz imported Swedish camp stoves which they sold with a decal added with the OB name. This is another bought in product in the same manner. The lantern has been modified with the addition of a blow torch pump replacing the external pump originally fitted. Knight Light product is often not marked which makes ID difficult. The first time I saw one of these I thought the pump was maybe a home made addition but I have now seen two more so I now believe they were bought and modified by OB for re-sale.”

Antique Empire Fire Extinguisher Made By American LaFrance Foamite.

I have always wanted one of these but never wanted to shell out the cash people want for them. My wife and I found this one and we could not pass it up for the price. The problem is that I cant find any info on it like what year range it was produced. If anyone has any info please feel free to comment.

Above: As found.

Above: just after a little cleaning.